The Bible Story Vol 3 - Arthur S. Maxwell

The Bible Story Vol 3 - Arthur S. Maxwell

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The Bible Story is one of the most comprehensively researched children's Bible stories available, providing hours of educational pleasure for primary school-aged children.As timeless as the ages, yet enduring to the modern world, the stories of the Bible come to life, and speak to the challenges of children today. Enjoyed by children, families and leaders of all religious persuasions. Includes more than 400 stories in 10 volumes covering the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Authored by Arthur S. Maxwell. Format: Hardcover.

Volume 3: Trials and Triumphs - from the death of Nadab and Abihu to the anointing of David. Over 35 stories in four sections: 1.Stories of Israel in the Wilderness, 2. Stories of the Conquest of Canaan, 3. Stories of the Days of the Judges, and 4. Stories of Samuel and Saul.